What is coins?

Coins are the internal virtual currency of the NikahPlus service, with which users can pay for the services of the website.

After registration, you will receive a certain amount of coins as a gift.

How to replenish my balance?

  1. Click on the “Add coins” link in your profile, or go via the link.
  2. Select desired number of coins, available payment method and currency.
  3. At the very bottom you will see the value of the coins in the currency of your choice.
  4. Click the “Pay” button.

Some payment systems may charge a fee. After going to the page of the selected payment system, you will see the final cost, including the fees.

What services can be paid via the coins?

  • Requests to get to know someone you like;
  • Messages;
  • Make gifts to other users.

Is it possible to get coins for free?

There is no such a feature.

If you are offered to replenish your coins for free on the website, be aware that these are scammers. In no case do not enter password for your profile there, don’t agree to download any programs or perform any tasks from such people, otherwise you risk losing your account.

How I can check my balance?

Your coins balance is displayed on your profile page.

Where can I see what I spent my coins on?

You can view the history of balance replenishments and expenses at link.

How much is one coin worth?

$0.14 USD