To get acquainted with a user you like, click "Send request". If the user accepts your request, a chat will be created in which you'll be able to chat.

All messages in chats are checked by the website moderators.

Your photos are visible only to those users with whom you communicate on the website.

Your reputation is a measure of the website's trust and how much other users can trust you.

Reputation depends on:

  • How much your profile is completed;
  • Availability of photos and their total number.

After you have discussed all the details that are important to both of you in the chat, the man must request contacts of the woman's guardian by selecting the appropriate item in the chat menu.

If the woman has not previously indicated the contacts of her guardian, she will be shown instructions on how to do this.

A woman’s wali is originally her father. If there is none, then a grandfatherbrother or uncle on the father’s side, a man. In general, an adult relative who receives the right of guardianship on the principle of priority. You cannot step over this principle and violate the order! The right of guardianship passes to the next one if the closest guardian is absent or is not a Muslim.

Most importantly, a guardian cannot be from any of the relatives on the maternal side: neither grandfather, nor brothers, nor uncles.

There are times when a woman has no guardian at all. For example, she is an orphan or her relatives are not Muslims. Then the guardian will be a qadi (Muslim judge), if there is none, an imam in the area, or a Sharia scholar. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

«Any woman whose marriage is not arranged by her guardian, her marriage is invalid, her marriage is invalid, her marriage is invalid. If (the man) has had intercourse with her, then the Mahr belongs to her in return for his intimacy with her. And if there is any dispute then the ruler is the guardian of the one who does not have a guardian» (Abu Dawud 2083, Tirmidhi 1102, Ibn Majah 1879).

If the woman lives in an area where none of the listed people are present, then any fair, religiously knowledgeable brother who is respected in the Muslim community, whom the girl trusts, can become a guardian. A girl can turn to such a person herself or through friends.

Decision of a moderator can be appealed by clicking on the "Appeal" button in the notification section. In order for your complaint to be considered, describe what you disagree with, do not send nonsense text.

In your message to the complaint, you should not insult the website administration, including moderators, otherwise your profile might be blocked. Also, don't abuse this feature if you really broke the rules.

One can delete the profile by going to the "Settings" section.

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