NikahPlus is a service for finding a spouse according to the rules of Islam.

On the website prohibited:

  1. Post a nickname instead of your first name or add your last name along with your first name so that you can be found via social networks
  2. Add false information in your profile
  3. Re-register under a different name or with different information
  4. Add your contact data in your profile, or send it via photos or via messages
  5. Ask for contacts data or ask if any user about his registration in a particular social network
  6. Insult other users or the website administration
  7. Post other people’s photos or any other pictures other than your own photo
  8. Post photos with uncovered hair
  9. Add information in your profile, post photos or send messages that violate the rules of Islam
  10. Flirt
  11. Use this website for promotional, commercial or charitable purposes
  12. Use the website for political purposes
  13. Seek a couple for a secret or temporary marriage


Terms of use for chats:

  1. To use the chat feature, the user must complete the Nikah School, pass the tests associated with the lessons, and sign the agreement.
  2. To request the contact of the woman’s guardian or respond to a guardian contact request, the user must pass the test for the ‘Guardian’ lesson.
  3. Only the ‘guardian’ can share the contact number of the interlocutor. You can request the guardian’s number by clicking on the three dots in the chat. If she hasn’t added a guardian, she needs to add one, and then the moderator will verify the number. If the guardian is added, and the interlocutor approves your request for the guardian’s contact, you will receive the contact in the chat. Read the article or FAQ to find out who can be added as a guardian. If there is no guardian, read there to find out who can be added as a guardian in such cases.


Blocking and temporary banning of the profile:

In case of explicit or systematic violation of the rules, your profile may be blocked without warning, while the funds that you spent on using paid services won’t be refunded. Any sharing of contact information or other social media handles, addresses, or meeting arrangements, as well as correspondence aimed at moving the conversation to other platforms, will be considered as sharing contact information! If you attempt to share contact information, your profile will be permanently blocked without warning.

By registering, you agree to these terms and conditions.

You have the right to delete your account from the website at any time.

With questions, complaints and suggestions, you can contact our support service.